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Welcome to Pittsburgh Ear, LLC

Schedule an appointment with one of our hearing health practitioners to find the best hearing aids to suit your lifestyle and needs!

Your Unique Hearing Loss, Our Personalized Solutions

Ready to treat your hearing loss? With an extensive selection of hearing technology, our professionals will find the right devices to fit into your lifestyle, budget and needs. Once matched with your hearing device, we support you with continued hearing monitoring to ensure you get the best results from your hearing aids.


We Provide Simply Better Hearing Healthcare

We do this by combining the following into our Mix:

  • Traditional Aids
  • Measurable Outcomes
  • Rechargeable/ Bluetooth
  • FDA Clinical Trials
  • Extended Wear
  • Lyric In-the-canal
  • Implantable Aids

Experience Precious Sounds In Your Circle Of Life Treatment

Our hearing solutions can be optimized for a variety of daily living situations you might experience through the day. Such as:

  • Family Time
  • Watching TV
  • Dining Settings
  • Phone Calls
  • The Workplace
  • Fitness Activities

Your Personalized Hearing Solution Specialists

Committed To Finding The Right Solutions For You

Fitting a square peg into a round hole can be frustrating. At Pittsburgh Ear LLC we are committed to finding the right solution for you. We are different because we understand the complexities that go into hearing and communication and the ever changing needs of both.

Come and see that we are way more than just hearing aids and understand the options you truly have at your disposal.

What Makes Us Different?
  • We listen carefully to fully assess quality of life needs.
  • We provide highly skilled support throughout the entire diagnostic and treatment process.
  • We provide highly skilled support throughout the entire diagnostic and treatment process.
  • We are leading experts in many types of hearing loss.
  • We have a unique perspective of complex needs thanks to close work with our Neurotology Specialists.

Patient Testimonials

Your Quality Of Life, Our Focus

We provide the hearing health care options patients need and the expertise they deserve. Wherever you are on your personal hearing health journey, our expert advice will empower you to best experience precious sounds.